A very different approach...


At Wild Hearts Adventures we simply desire to give people a chance to do something different, something that they might not otherwise be able to do. Something that we believe can be life-changing.

Getting out in the wilderness allows someone to experience peace, solitude and beauty while at the same time participating in activities with others, experiencing fellowship and building relationships. It is an opportunity to get away from life's distractions and think clearly. It is a chance to push one's self to do things you might not otherwise ever try. It is a chance to discover new things and see that there is so much out there available to us and it's wonderful!

We organize, facilitate and guide various types of wilderness adventures for groups of 4-12 people. Currently, we have specific trips for fathers/sons, married couples and, folks in recovery.


Our Mission

To reach out to children and adults, giving them a chance to experience the peace, beauty and challenges of God's wilderness and allowing them the opportunity to grow, build relationships, heal and be encouraged.

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Our Program

It's a simple one... give people a chance to experience the joys of the wilderness when they may otherwise not be able to do so themselves. Show them adventure, love and fellowship.

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Help & Support

There are many ways you can help or support us! We need people to connect others to our opportunities, we need volunteers to go on trips and to admin work. And, of course, we need financial support to continue our work.

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Weekend Camping

We do several weekend camping trips to our local state or county parks.  These adventures are geared toward those who haven’t done a lot of wilderness adventures but desire to experience sleeping in a tent, cooking over a fire and participating in the many outdoor activities available to us.


Backpacking in the Rockies

Each summer we take a trip into the Rocky Mountains and backpack for 5-7 days.  These trips are for those who long for great adventure!  We provide the transportation, food, equipment and guides.  All you need to bring is your sense of adventure and a desire to explore the awesomeness of the Rocky Mountains!


BWCA/St. Croix River Canoe Trips

It's difficult to describe the wondrous adventure that awaits you when you journey into Minnesota's beautiful BWCA or onto the St. Croix River for some canoe camping!

We will travel by canoe, camping at different sites (sometimes islands).  On the river, there is little to no portaging so it is an easy to moderate effort.  In the BWCA, it is moderately strenuous but well worth the effort!