Begins January 9, 2023!
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The Wild 100 is a 100-Day Challenge that encourages participants to choose a lifestyle change of their own desire.

We encourage each participant to decide on something they would like to do for 100 days and we will work together to reach those goals!

Your goal can be almost anything. The challenge is to do something for 100 days. If you can maintain a healthy habit for 100 days there is a very good chance that it will not only be life-changing but also become a "new normal" for you!

Along with that personal goal, we have a set number of tasks that will be included in this challenge such as drinking water, exercising outdoors, getting enough sleep, reading and so on.  We feel that these are all great habits to get into and they'll go along great with your own personal goal should you choose one.

Along with tracking these daily and weekly activities, which you will do in the Wodify Rise app, there will be a scoring system that allows everyone to challenge themselves and others to stay focused and on track.  While we will not be determining a "winner" based on those points, we may, at our discretion, provide some small prizes for those who really go after the challenge.

And... there will be a drawing towards the end of the Wild 100 for some great prizes as well.

Connection Through Adventure!

Well, in this case, it might be connection through a challenge!  Join us on our private Facebook group; be part of the fun and the community!

Yes, this is a fundraiser for Wild Hearts Adventures!
We're hoping to raise additional funds to secure more scholarships for participants and help pay off our van. These funds will allow us to serve even more people in the coming year! We figure this is a great way for you to help us and, in return, we help you too!

You can enter the challenge for just $25!

Enter at the $50 level and get a T-Shirt!

Enter at the $100 level and get a Sweatshirt!
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Wodify Rise App Access

After registering, you'll be given instructions on how you can register with Wodify Rise and download their app. We've set up the Wild 100 on it and add some daily checklists and tasks that can help you with your journey AND it'll make this challenge fun by scoring your progress!
Private Facebook Group

We've set up a private Facebook group just for this challenge! This will allow you to be part of the Wild Hearts community as you journey through these 100 days. You can share progress, struggles, photos, stories, and even your favority memes (appropriate ones, of course!)
Regular Encouragement

We'll be communicating with our participants with regular emails and postings. We want you to stay engaged AND encouraged to achieve the goal(s) you've set for yourself!
Drawings for Prizes!

Besides winning by doing this 100-Day Challenge and helping others in the process... Yes, there's more...!

You can win prizes! Yup, we'll have some drawings for participants for some really cool stuff... probably of the outdoorsy variety!
And... the Biggest Thing...

You won't just be helping yourself by doing this challenge. You're helping others! That's because, yes, if you haven't guessed already, this is a fundraising event. By participating, your donation will go to help folks go on our adventures by means of scholarships. You will be challenging yourself and, in the process, allowing others to challenge thenselves on a true outdoor adventures!

Thanks you for that!
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