Our Mission
Serving Others
Through Adventure

Wild Hearts Adventures strives to reach children and adults who may be struggling with life challenges.  We want to do this by giving them a chance to do things they might not otherwise have a chance to do.  

By providing wilderness adventures of all sizes and types our participants have an opportunity to get away from the chaos of everyday life, to leave the distractions behind and to enter an environment that allows them to think more clearly, engage with others and challenge themselves in new ways.

We seek to help our participants form new relationships, both with others and with God.  We want to help them push themselves and challenge each other all while enjoying the wondrous beauty and solitude of the wilderness.

Wild Hearts partners closely with Thrive Family Recovery Resources.  Thrive FRR helps the families of those who are struggling with substance use, offering support, resources and advocacy.  Because of this partnership, Wild Hearts offers adventures for all types of groups… those struggling, families of struggling folks, church groups, other support groups and special event groups such as father/son/daughter trips, trips for married couples or church youth groups.

While much of our focus is on those who are struggling, we believe that strong relationships, especially those parent/child or mentor/mentee relationships are often key to successfully navigating the many challenges people face today.  So, we encourage you to consider planning an outdoor adventure with us no matter the makeup of your group!