The Wild Hearts Story
Our story is really Jake's story.

Jacob Lanhart (Jake) passed away October 23, 2021, at the age of 24, at his home in Lakewood, Colorado. Jake was known for his fierce competitive nature, whether it was playing in a national chess tournament, or competing in football and as captain of his rugby team, two sports that he loved. Jake earned the nickname Lionheart because of his determination to win on and off the field.  

After graduation, he spent time in Arizona before settling down in Colorado. There he found the two loves of his life, climbing mountains and his girlfriend Maddy Cadry. Jake spent the last 2 ½ years summiting 14ers as part of his recovery.  He told us that he felt closest to God when he was on a mountain.  His ultimate desire was to work for his dad’s nonprofit program, Wild Hearts Adventures, bringing people in recovery out to the wilderness to connect with God, themselves, nature, and each other through adventure.

Jake also used that same determination to battle his substance use disorder.  Jake faced every day with courage and strength, as he focused on his well-being and recovery.  He fought hard for his sobriety, but ultimately succumbed to his disease.  Jake will never be defined by his struggles, but by the amazing life he lived. Because of his addiction, our family grew in our love and acceptance for others and learned to love well.  His last courageous act was saving his friend’s life with naloxone.

While Jake's death was unexpected and tragic, it is our strong desire to use his story and our experience as a catalyst to help other families. We got to experience adventures with Jake in the wilderness and were blessed to see how much those experiences helped him with his struggle to overcome substance use.

We want others who are struggling to experience connection, be inspired and encouraged, and rise up to challenges they thought were unconquerable mountains by adventuring with us and entering a whole new world of discovery!