Other Groups
We have adventures designed for anyone. Bring us your group!

We have or can create adventures for just about any type of group. Contact us and let us know what type of trip you're looking for and what kind of group you want to bring or want to join. We love working with and serving other organizations, companies, nonprofits, churches, etc.

Come with us! Go on an adventure with Wild Hearts Adventures. You can hike, canoe, backpack, climb mountains, fish and explore!

Backpacking Expeditions
Every year we host multiple trips to the Rocky Mountains where we backpack into remote wilderness. You'll hike through towering pine forests, carry your home on your back, and summit a mountain peak. You'll be challenged and pushed. And, you'll love it!

A very small percentage of people ever hike deep into the wilderness, camp several days, carrying everything they need on their back. Even fewer attempt to summit a 14,000' peak. Be one of the very few!

If you're not quite ready for the challenge of the Rockies, we also do 4-day backpack adventures on the Superior Hiking trail and weekend backpack camping at our local state parks.

Canoe Camping
Adventure out into the wilderness using only a canoe and the gear you can fit into it! Our canoe trips into the BWCA of Northern Minnesota will get you into very remote wilderness. You will traverse multiple lakes, portaging your equipment from lake to lake.

For those that are just starting out and want something a little less strenuous, try one of our St. Croix River canoe ventures. On these, we paddle downstream, there aren't any portages and we camp on islands each night. It's a wilderness experience without venturing too far away from civilization!

Below are events specific types of groups. We have other events for women-only or men-only. Go to our main events page to see all of our adventures!

2022 Season

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2024 Season

Heartfelt Hope Conference
Thrive Family Recovery Resources
Nov 3-5, 2023

Thrive Family Recovery Resources has partnered with WHA to provide some services for this amazing women's conference!

Discover your value as a priceless daughter of the king!  Journey from a place of suffering to abundance, fulfillment and joy!  Learn how to walk out love daily as you fully understand God’s love for you!

Experience healing and restoration by connecting with God and each other!  Laugh and have fun again!

Go forward to pour into others out of the overflow of His love!