Donate Gear
Awesome! We really like gear. I mean... we really, really like gear! And, we need it to do what we do.

So, you want to give us some gear? Thank you!

We love gear and we are usually in need of some stuff. Plus, we can't do what we do without a bunch of quality gear. Now, those last two words... that's where the fine print, so to speak, comes in.

We're a little picky about our gear. We don't believe it's because we're gear snobs (although we may have been accused of that at times) but because we need specific kind of gear for the types of adventures we do and we also want our participants to have the best experience they can have.

Here's a little bit about what we use:

- We've standardized on Osprey backpacks - 50L and larger with removable tops that convert into a daypack.
- We've standardized on REI backpack tents.
- Sleeping bags are lightweight with minimum 20F-degree rating.
- We only use insulated sleeping pads.

Our needs: what we can always use includes, backpacks, tents, sleeping bags and pads, MSR backpack stoves, "white gas" fuel, dry bags, stuff sacks, and clothing (base layers, mid-layers, raincoats, boots and socks - no cotton clothing, tho).

Canoe Camping
- We prefer Duluth Pack or Frost River canoe packs.
- We've standardized on Alumicraft 17' to 18.5' canoes.

Our needs: one more canoe, life jackets, paddles, REI tents, canoe packs, dry bags, stuff bags, and clothing (base layers, mid-layers, raincoats, gloves, boots and socks - no cotton clothing, tho).

Other Stuff
- Dehydrated, packaged meals and food items or ingredients.
- Long shelf-life food items such as rice, instant oatmeal, packaged coffee, hot chocolate mix, snacks, etc.
- Satellite communicators
- Maps of the BWCA, Minnesota & Wisconsin rivers, Colorado trails and peaks.

Fill out our form and let us know what you'd like to donate! Just because it's not on the list above doesn't mean we won't take it... just let us know what it is first. Also, please know that if we no longer need an item, we may sell it.

Fill out my online form.